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Sarah Warden

Action Hero & Freelance

Sarah Warden is a creative practitioner with experience of curating, producing and project managing a variety of art events, performances, workshops and talks.


Worked on

A child's hand using the Bear Abouts paper sensors on an iPad

Bear Abouts

Digital platform that gives kids the power to create and influence stories using paper objects.

I am a creative practitioner with experience of curating, producing, project managing, and co-ordinating a variety of art events, public art commissions, performances, workshops, exhibitions, talks, citywide festivals and engagement programmes for artists’ and arts organisations across the UK.

I currently work with Action Hero as Company Producer doing producery, adminy, project managery type things. I have worked in the past as a Freelance Producer for Studio residents Becca Rose (Flipology)  REACT and Interactive Scientific, as well as Production Manager for Anagram and their first iteration of Door into the Dark. Like everyone my experiences and interests are varied, I love working accross art forms, and enjoy working with complex collaborative groups. Many moons ago I worked as Producer of Live Art at Arnolfini and worked as a project manager for several public art festivals in the North of England including AV festival North East, NVA, Situation Leeds, and Artoffice.