Shakara, is a Jamaican-born creative based in Bristol. Their practice includes programming and AI, writing and performing spoken word, as well as singing and dancing. Currently, they are pursuing a PhD in theoretical and computational chemistry at the University of Bristol.

Inspired by their training in theoretical chemistry, she aims to merge these disciplines with traditional creative practices, to tell compelling stories of black and queer women in the diaspora bringing a fresh perspective and amplifying voices that are often marginalised.

Shakara is one of Watershed Fellows in Residence as part of the MyWorld Ideas programme. They will spend six months in residence at Celestial from June 2023. This practical and analytical Fellowship will explore the world of drone light shows, and
the possibilities for Artificial Intelligence to influence the process of creating them, both technically and creatively.

I am thrilled to embark on this Fellowship, where I can explore and expand my practice by delving into the world of creative technologies. My primary focus is to deepen my understanding of incorporating AI into the creative process. Being part of a multidisciplinary team presents an exciting opportunity for personal growth and skill development. I anticipate gaining valuable expertise in project management, leadership, and the utilization of new technologies, all within an innovative environment.