Tim Atack is a writer, composer and film director. He co-founded Sleepdogs and is a member of the band angel tech. He’s written for Bristol Old Vic, Paines Plough, the BBC, Mercurial Wrestler, Arnolfini and BAC amongst others.

At Pervasive Media Studio he worked alongside Sam Underwood to develop the narrative and fiction potential of Sonic Graffiti, a collection of sound-making modules installed within built environments.

Much of his story work is driven by the emotive and mythical charge of specific, sometimes archaic technologies (such as the short film all my dreams on VHS or The Dead Phone, a chamber piece for stage) and during his residency he explored how ‘unfinished’ or oblique narratives can empower and inspire audiences.

His ideal pervasive media project would be to construct Borges’ Book of Sand for real, but he realises this would a) require some serious funding and b) most likely damn him to hell for all eternity.