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Studio Residencies 2012: Geiger-Muller Sound System

Supported by a Studio Residency writer, performer and composer Timothy X Atack and musician, sound artist and instrument designer MrUnderwood developed a finite kinetic choir.

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MrUnderwood is a musician, sound artist and instrument designer. A hacker at heart; he can’t help but twist and develop, to find new ways of creating music, sounds and interfaces with instruments and technology. His current…
Tim sits in the dark lit only by a laptop screen, looking ghostly

Timothy X Atack

Writer for screen, performance and audio / composer & sound designer for film, TV, stage and radio

Between October 2012 and January 2013 Timothy X Atack and MrUnderwood, collectively named Geiger-Müller Sound System, were resident at Pervasive Media Studio collaboratively developing a finite kinetic choir.

For the last few years MrUnderwood has been exploring a process called Sonic Graffiti, installing homemade sound modules into the built environment. These units can either create and play back recordings, re-route existing ambient sound, or emit their own self-generated noise, and are operated by anyone who chances upon them. Their use is rarely monitored, and the modules are often victims of their environment; stolen, eroded or otherwise lost. For this residency Geiger-Müller Sound System investigated how fiction, narrative and storytelling might augment the experiences demonstrated by Sonic Graffiti.

Both artists share an interest in ambient sound, and the use of sound design to transpose or enhance a sense of location. Both also share a passion for the playing of instruments and the accessibility of such to the widest possible variety of participants. Tim’s narrative focus is strongly influenced by the emotive properties of specific technologies (especially the anachronistic analogue kind) and MrUnderwood has a practical love of bending analogue devices to transcend or pervert their original purpose.

At the end of their residency they have the beginnings of an exciting new instrument to play, with some unlikely and intriguing stories attached to its operation.

The Project Journal below, which they updated throughout the residency period, shares their process further.

Geiger-Müller Sound System and fellow residents Juneau Projects, are supported by Watershed's Studio Residencies 2012 development programme.

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