Zoe is a writer, editor, curator and consultant with 14 years’ experience working for purpose-led organisations. Her main area of focus is sustainable living, in particular circularity and sustainable fashion communications. She also has a personal and professional interest in community initiatives, arts and culture and mental health. 

Zoe’s innovative approach to sustainable behaviour change in the fashion industry was recognised by the London Sustainable Development Commission who appointed her a London Leader in 2012. Later that year she founded the acclaimed online sustainable fashion hub The Good Wardrobe. 

Sustainable fashion advocacy work includes her own visible mending practice, which serves as a form of self-expression, selfcare and ‘gentle’ activism. 

Zoe is keen to explore how tech could be used to develop solutions to aid clothing repair and is open to collaborations, and supporting others where she can. www.zoerobinson.co.uk 

In 2023 Zoe was one of the Watershed micro-residents as part of the MyWorld Ideas programme. Zoe spent three months in residence at the Pervasive Media Studio part of a project called STREAM, which is a partnership between UWE, Marshmallow Laser Feast and All Seeing Eye. The projects aims were to investigate and navigate what accessible location-based VR could look like.  

Twitter: zoerobinson1

Instagram: @thedarnzoe

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/zoe-robinson1