Toilet refurbishment WIP

Visualisation of a toilet room with a man, woman and child standing at a shared basin

Architects impressions of new toilets

Toilet Refurbishment 2022

Work in progress

During July, August and September this year, we are renovating the toilets in our top foyer.

We strongly believe that inclusion and creating a space where everyone feels they belong at Watershed is core to our purpose - our toilets are a part of that.

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We'll be regularly updating the work in progress as below – you are welcome to follow along.


    2 Aug update

    It's getting pretty messy behind all that hoarding. The old flooring is coming up to check supports. No signs of buried treasure yet but it is early days...

    Box office hoarding

    29 July update

    The hoarding downstairs at Box Office went up this week. Box Office still have a desk downstairs (it's to the left of the main double doors), so you can continue to buy tickets and ask them about anything you need. We are working on getting some signs up on the hoarding to make it look more welcoming and inviting, apologies for the rather industrial look at the moment. We're on it!

    The hoarding outside of Watershed's toilet building works, behind Watershed's welcome desk. A member of staff is at the desk and you can see signage behind them.

    22 July update

    Finally - some good signage upstairs! Thanks for bearing with us with our temporary signs, now the nicer ones are up, and should hopefully make it much clearer what your toilet options are when visiting us during our building works (and what is happening behind the hoarding!).

    Photo of Watershed top foyer with hoarding covering the original toilets

    11 July update

    The work begins, the hoarding is up and the builders are on site, signage will be going up over the next couple of days.