Architects visualisation of the new toilets including colourful doors and sinks with mirrors

Architects impression of new toilets

New toilets

Building work has started on our new top foyer toilets

The new toilet building project is now officially underway which means we will be looking a bit different over the summer  - there is now temporary hoarding (wooden fencing) going up in the top foyer to cover up the area where the building work will take place and to try and keep the noise and dust to a minimum. During this first week we will be putting information and signage on the hoardings to help everyone navigate their way around the building work and to let you know exactly what is going on.

Our refurbished toilets will include:

  • Floor to ceiling self-contained toilets (some with hand-washing facilities and mirrors)
  • Another accessible toilet
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Additional shared hand-washing facilities

Throughout the refurbishment work and once they are complete we will continue to provide:

  • Male and female toilets, which are situated through the Café & Bar, both of which have baby changing facilities
  • Two self-contained cubicles with hand washing facilities behind the cinemas
  • An accessible toilet in front of Cinema 1
  • Sanitary products in all toilets
  • And we will continue to welcome anyone who wishes to use any of the toilets in our public building

It's not too late to donate

A huge thank you to all who have donated to the fundraising campaign for these new toilets - thanks to your generosity and support we are now well on our way to becoming one of the most inclusive, welcoming spaces in Bristol.

Because costs for the building work have risen, we still need to raise £7,000.

Can you help?  

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