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Singin' in the Rain Flashmob

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Please note: This event took place in Oct 2019

To mark the BFI's UK-wide season celebrating all things musical, join Pervasive Media Studio residents Compass Presents as they lead a Flashmob in the Centre (near the fountains) of one of the most iconic, best-loved dance routines of all time: Gene Kelly's umbrella-twirling, puddle-splashing turn in Singin' in the Rain.

You are invited to grab a brolly and join in the fun - this Flashmob is a chance to dance and sing alongside other people in the city - who knows, maybe it will rain for the occasion?

How to get involved: Simply learn the dance routine (gorgeously taught here by fellow Studio resident Laura Kriefman), arrive in the Centre by 12:45, and be ready to do your thing at 13:00. Compass will provide some umbrellas, please feel free to bring your own. Don't worry if you don't consider yourself a Gene Kelly in the dance skills department - everyone is welcome, no matter your experience.

Do you have friends in Manchester or Cardiff? Flashmobs are also being planned there - just check the BFI Musicals website for dates and times. Were you suitably inspired by practicing your moves? Watershed is, of course, showing Singin' in the Rain as part of the season - dance on over to the cinema from Sat 27 Oct.

Please note: this Flashmob is being filmed to create a short video to promote the BFI Musical season. Umbrella safety is serious business - watch this video to learn more about umbrella etiquette.

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