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Eyeful Shorts

Eyeful Shorts

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Afrika Eye 2019

Shorts package

Please note: This event took place in Nov 2019

90 mins

Gary Thompson (Cables and Cameras) curates a programme exploring the new wave of short films from the African diaspora with a rich blend of new generation African producers and directors from Bristol to Nigeria and South Africa.


Fish on Fire

Dir. Peter Okojie, 2018, Nigeria, 5 mins

The Liberian civil war may have stopped Sarah’s education but it couldn’t stop her resilience and desire for self-improvement.

Golden Goddess

Dir. Michael Jenkins, 2019, UK, 7mins

A grandmother educates her youngest grandchild on the mysteries of the Orishas.


Dir : Tolu Ajayi, 2016, Nigeria, 13 mins

Ire loses her innocence in the most brutal way. A story set in the harsh environs of Lagos trailer park.

Many Loves

Dir: Rediat Abayneh, 2019, Ethiopia, 20 mins

A powerful story emotionally depicting the subject of rape, offering a moving argument of the struggle between choosing love or justice when it concerns someone very close to us.


Dir. Khevyn Ibrahim, 2019, UK, 15 mins

Memories, homelessness, fear, craziness and death all play a part in teaching 3rd year student Gaia some lessons whilst on her way to a job interview.

Living History

Dir. Pierre Niyongira, 2019, UK 6mins

Living history is a project that focuses on capturing stories and opinions from young people all across The Gambia and from all walks of life.

Some sweet Oblivious

Dir. Christiana Ebohon-Green, 2017, UK, 17 mins

When a young girl becomes afflicted by a verbal addiction to Shakespearean verse, a Therapist fights fire with fire in a battle of the Bard to unlock the cause of her bizarre behavior.