Lunchtime Talk: Control Shift - Rethinking our Relationships with Technology

Lunchtime Talk: Control Shift - Rethinking our Relationships with Technology

Watershed Recommends: Fri 5 - Thu 11 June

Live stream

Please note: This live stream took place in June 2020

In this Lunchtime Talk we welcome members from Control Shift - an arts programme exploring how we might reconsider the way we connect with tech.

Control Shift Network is a collective of artists, technologists and producers. In 2019 they produced ‘You Make the Rules’, a day of workshops followed by an algo-rave - a live performance of music generated from algorithms, which was part of Processing Community Day, a global celebration of ‘art, code and diversity’ initiated by the Processing Foundation. Control Shift has developed from this event and follows the same ethos, with a focus on accessibility and diverse engagement.

In this talk curators Becca Rose, Martha King, and Rod Dickinson will discuss the core ideas and themes behind Processing Community Day. They'll also be introducing us to some of the artists involved: Benjamin Redgrove and Arjun Harrison-Mann (who are exploring ideas of radical accessibility), and Wisterlitz (who are exploring our relationship to data through the tangible medium of knitting). Both artist duos are currently working on new projects that will be part of Control Shift in the autumn.

Find out more about Control Shift, and how to get involved here.

Control Shift is funded by Arts Council England, Knowle West Media Centre, Institute of Coding, and University of the West of England. And supported by Watershed, Furtherfield, Aksioma, We the Curious, Bristol City Council, and Processing Community Day.