Lunchtime Talk: Queering the Archive
Credit: Tom Marshman by Paul Samuel White

Lunchtime Talk: Queering, Archives and Performance

Watershed Recommends: Fri 3 - Thu 9 July

Live stream

Please note: This live stream took place in July 2020

In this Lunchtime Talk, performer and Studio resident Tom Marshman and historian Jeanie Sinclair will be discussing research methods, embodiment of characters, ethics and how creative tech led to the making of the theatre show A Haunted Existence.

Tom has been a practising artist for 21 years, producing over 60 projects across many mediums, including - museum audio-tours, theatre and cabaret. Tom actively encourages dialogue with participants through socially engaged methods such as ‘Tea Parties’ which give him an evocative glimpse into everyday life and the ability to tell engaging, poetic and unpretentious stories. An overarching theme of Tom’s work is that of the outsider and their story - particularly regarding the LGBTQ+ experience and stories that have been omitted through archival silence. Tom will also discuss some of the work he has been making during lockdown.

Jeanie Sinclair is a historian, researcher and curator interested in turning archive silences into archive noise. She uses archives to explore hidden and alternative histories, uncovering history and memory that can be performed to destabilise archival power structures and disrupt the existing historical narratives.