The Residents Podcast: Episode 1
Image by Jasmine Thompson

The Residents Podcast: Episode 2

The Residents is a new series of four podcasts exploring tech, arts, economy and health through the lens of community and creativity, produced by Studio resident Will Taylor and Jo Kimber and supported by the Pervasive Media Studio.

In this series, Will gives listeners a backstage access pass to the Studio and its diverse residents, highlighting the vitality and difference that comes from engaging with a wide range of voices, when looking at contemporary issues.

In this episode, 'The Residents and the Creative In-queer-sition' - Will and guests: Alec Stevens, Jasmine Creusson, Rosie Poebright and Tom Marshman bemoan the loss of a good night out, discover a shared love of Kylie and discuss what consent really means in the queer community.