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Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

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Please note: This was screened in Aug 2021

Wong Kar-Wai
Leon Lai, Michele Reis, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Charlie Yeung, Karen Mok
96 mins, Subtitled, 1995, Hong Kong
Primary language
Min Nan

Lost souls reach out for human connection amid a glimmering Hong Kong in Wong Kar Wai’s hallucinatory, neon-soaked nocturne. Originally conceived as a segment of Chungking Express only to spin off on its own woozy axis, Fallen Angels plays like the dark, moody flip side of its predecessor as it charts the subtly interlacing fates of a handful of urban loners, including a coolly detached hit man (Leon Lai Ming) looking to go straight; his business partner (Michelle Reis), who secretly yearns for him; and a silent delinquent (Takeshi Kaneshiro) who wreaks mischief by night.

Swinging between hard-boiled noir and slapstick lunacy with giddy abandon, the film is both a dizzying, dazzling city symphony and a poignant meditation on love, loss, and longing in a metropolis that never sleeps.

Fallen Angels has been completely restored. Its format has been changed to cinemascope - something Wong Kar Wai wanted to do at the time but technically could not.