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HydroPoetics - Reimagining hydroponic systems
Katy Connor, HydroPoetics (2021) Work in progress (cucumber seedlings, 5litre hydroponic grow station, LED lighting, nutrient media)

HydroPoetics - Reimagining hydroponic systems

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Please note: This live stream took place in Oct 2021

As part of her Spring residency at Watershed, Katy Connor has been exploring hydroponics, the art and science of growing plants in a liquid, water media. In this Lunchtime Talk, Katy will share documentation from her residency where she established several different hydroponics systems in her studio at Spike Island, Bristol.

Through sharing photographs, drawings and a 16mm time-lapse film (made in collaboration with artist Matt Davies) she will talk about reimagining these systems, in relation to themes of plant intelligence, ancient water sources, tidal flows and the politics of fresh food in a time of climate crisis.

Katy will conclude her talk by discussing the next stages in this ongoing research into HydroPoetics - including new artist collaborations and working with engineers at Bristol Robotics Lab.

Katy Connor is an artist researcher whose interests lie in the spaces between embodiment, technologies and materiality. Through combining living materials, digital media and artistic process, her practice explores how our bodies and experiences are reconfigured within bio-technological environments. She often works in collaboration with other artists, academics and scientists.