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Live Illustration Expanded
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Live Illustration Expanded

Lunchtime Talks

In Venue Talk + Live stream

Please note: This event took place in Oct 2021

In this Lunchtime Talk, Camille Aubry, a French live illustrator and cartoonist based in Bristol, will introduce Live Illustration Expanded, an R&D project gratefully supported by an Arts Council England DYCP grant. Through this opportunity, she attempts to develop an enhanced live illustration practice and make an ambitious shift in her ability to produce and support stage events.

Currently, the live illustration practice (also known as scribing) is mostly known as an add-on to corporate events. Scribes like Camille are brought in to document the event as it happens, and work up visually arresting summaries for distribution afterwards. There is an under-explored potential in how live illustration can transform physical and virtual environments, and be a performance in its own right. Camille explores this through two prototype performances that she will reveal during this talk, one physical and one virtual, and is lucky to be surrounded by a fabulous team consisting of: Lawrence Hoo (poet), Xavier Velastin (sound artist), Limbic Cinema (multimedia design studio), Toby Harris (creative technologist), Khali Ackford (photographer), Lights Off (edits and grade) and Films@59 (sound).

Camille Aubry is a resident of the Pervasive Medio Studio since 2019, where she explores how to take her live drawing practice to the next level with the help of creative technologies.