UK Premiere: Lost Highway
Still from Lost Highway, part of Cinema Rediscovered

UK Premiere: Lost Highway

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Restored & Rediscovered


Please note: This was screened in July 2022

David Lynch
Bill Pullman, Fred Madison, Patricia Arquette, Renee Madison
135 mins, 1997, USA
Primary language

Most of Lynch’s later films straddle (at least) two realities, and their most ominous moments arise from a dawning awareness that one world is about to yield to another.

In Lost Highway, presented here in a new 4K restoration, we are introduced to brooding jazz saxophonist Fred Madison (Bill Pullman) while he lives in a simmering state of jealousy with his listless and possibly unfaithful wife Renee (Patricia Arquette). About one hour in, a rupture fundamentally alters the narrative logic of the film and the world itself becomes a nightmare embodiment of a consciousness out of control.

Lost Highway marked a return from the wilderness for Lynch in 1997, and the arrival of his more radical expressionism —alternating omnipresent darkness with overexposed whiteouts, dead air with the belligerent soundtrack assault of industrial metal bands, and the tactile sensation that everything is really happening with the infinite delusions of schizophrenic thought.

With thanks to Janus Films.