Black Horror Bristol Club Presents: Nightbreed at 30
Still from Nightbreed, part of Cinema Rediscovered

Bristol Black Horror Club Presents: Nightbreed at 30

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Restored & Rediscovered


Please note: This was screened in July 2022

Clive Barker
Craig Sheffer, Anne Bobby, David Cronenberg
102 mins, 1990, USA
Primary language
“It’s all true. God is an astronaut, Oz is over the rainbow, and Midian is where the Monsters are”. Peloquin – Oliver Parker (Clive Barker’s Nightbreed, 1990).

Aaron Boone (Craig Sheffer) dreams of Midian, a hidden subterranean world where monsters have created a haven from humanity. Convinced he no longer belongs in the human world, Boone goes in search of Midian.

A hybrid fantasy/horror vision combining elements of 90s pop-culture, folk horror, and the uncanny and based on Barker’s short novel Cabal (1989), Clive Barker’s Nightbreed explores themes that revolve around redemption, identity and belonging.

With a score by Danny Elfman and a cult cast of actors - Doug Bradley, Hugh Quarshie, Simon Bramford, Hugh Ross and David Cronenberg, Nightbreed pits ‘humans’ against persecuted ‘monsters’ using metaphor and parable to take on bias and prejudice. A narrative that champions the outsider and the underdog and questions, “who are the real monsters?”

About Bristol Black Horror Club: Bristol Black Horror Club is an online platform exploring all things Horror through a Black Diasporic lens; informative and fun, BBHC sets out to celebrate Black Horror with a regular blog and podcast, as well as bespoke film screening events at various venues in and around Bristol and the South West.

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