Playing Away
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Playing Away

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Cables & Cameras: Jamaican Independence 60th Anniversary


Please note: This was screened in Aug 2022

Horace Ové
Norman Beaton, Robert Urquhart, Helen Lindsay
100 mins, 1986, UK
Primary language

From pioneering British filmmaker Sir Horace Ové (Pressure, 1975) comes this comedy of manners with an outstanding array of British talent including Norman Beaton, Ross Kemp and Neil Morrissey.

When a West Indian cricket team from Brixton are invited to play a charity game in a small English village, members of both teams have their reservations. A weekend in the country away from the inner city produces unexpected results both on and off the field of play.

Playing Away subtly explores and undermines white and black stereotypes and succeeds in linking two familiar but strange cultures through the simple device of a cricket match.