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The Sound of Music

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Please note: This was screened in March 2024

Robert Wise
Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker
172 mins, 1965, US
Primary language

The spirited young Maria (Julie Andrews) leaves an Austrian convent to become a governess to the children of an autocratic Naval officer widower in this timeless Oscar®-winning musical, set against the rise of the Third Reich in Austria.

Maria arrives at the von Trapp villa to discover she's merely the latest in a long line of governesses the children have scared away. Once she wins them over, the von Trapp's family’s delicate newfound happiness is threatened by a burgeoning romance between Maria and the soon to be married Captain.

This family classic was the final film watched by Joseph Breen, the administrator employed to enforce the *Hays Code in 1934, who remained in the post for 20 years.

*The Hays Code was a set of industry guidelines for the self-censorship of content that was applied to most motion pictures released by major studios in the United States from 1934 to 1968 which required that the films be "wholesome" and "moral" and encourage what the studios called "correct thinking.".

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