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A Creative Mission with the Company of International Artists

A Creative Mission with the Company of International Artists


Tue 28 - Wed 29 May

Waterside 3 Event Space, Watershed

Calling all 7-12 year old creative agents!

Join Agents Kahlo and Dali of the Company of International Artists, a top-secret global creative agency, for a day of art investigation and hands-on creativity!

Children will take the role as creative agents and will investigate art by three different artists, and will be creating in different mediums and discussing all the possibilities of art.

The day will result in being awarded a nationally-recognised Arts Award Discover qualification, which is a issued by Trinity College London.

Drop your agent off with a packed lunch at 09:45, and collect them at 15:00.

This event is facilitated by Brave Bold Drama, an award-winning theatre and community arts company.

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