The Student Nurses (35mm)

The Student Nurses (35mm)

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Reframing Film


Thu 25 July 20:30

Cinema 1, Watershed

Stephanie Rothman
Elaine Giftos Karen Carlson Brioni Farrell Barbara Leigh Reni Santoni
89 mins, 1970, USA
Primary language
“Student Nurses is a remarkable achievement. It is striking not only for its high production value but also for its sophisticated discourse on 1970s sexual politics - neither of which would necessarily be expected from an exploitation film.” Writer, Historian and Professor of Film Studies Pam Cook

Though often labelled as a second wave exploitation filmmaker, Stephanie Rothman’s work stands as some of the most politically and socially astute films about feminist and liberation politics in early 1970s America.

This 1970 release was the first in a popular Nurses cycle of exploitation films that others went on to direct. Despite working within the confines of the exploitation genre, Rothman introduced feminist ideas and subjects into her work. Four nursing students finishing their education are faced with professional and personal challenges as they wade through the tumultuous and ever-changing political and social landscape of L.A. in 1970.

The Student Nurses is an exploitation film for sure, but it is also a masterclass in ideological filmmaking for mainstream audiences by one of one of New Hollywood's most intriguing directorial voices; and is ripe for discovery and appraisal.

Preservation courtesy of Cinema Conservancy & the Women’s Film Preservation Fund. 35mm print courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art.

Curated by Isabel Moir and Selina Robertson, presented as part of Other Ways of Seeing, with support from BFI Awarding Funds from National Lottery.

With an introduction by co-curators Isabel Moir and Selina Robertson.

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