Festival of the Future City

Mike Rawlinson: How the Uses of Cities Changes over time

Festival of the Future City


Please note: This event took place in Nov 2015

Cities change all the time – what was once a harbour becomes a road; a dual carriageway is taken out and a new city square created; old buildings are taken down and reused; new cycleways replace traffic lanes. Bristol has seen more change than many other cities, with more to come. What impact does this have on long-term city planning and on people? Mike Rawlinson, founder of the Bristol Legible City project and director of many city mapping and wayfinding initiatives around the world, takes a tour of Bristol that looks at how places and uses change over time.

Speaker biography:

Mike Rawlinson is a founding director of City ID, based in Bristol and New York City. He is one of the world’s leading city wayfinding designers with extensive experience working on master planning, transportation, city identity and legibility projects in the UK and internationally including: Abu Dhabi (Masdar), Birmingham, Dublin, London (for TfL and London 2012), Moscow, New York and Rio de Janeiro. In particular, Mike is credited with developing the 'Legible Cities’ movement, pioneered in Bristol, that seeks to improve people's understanding and experience of places through the integration of urban design, information design and interaction design disciplines.

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