Jerry Kaplan: What is the Future of Life and Work in an Age of Artificial Intelligence?

Jerry Kaplan: What is the Future of Life and Work in an Age of Artificial Intelligence

Festival of the Future City


Please note: This event took place in Nov 2015

In this talk futurist, innovator and best-selling author Jerry Kaplan unpacks the latest advances in robotics, machine learning, and perception powering systems. He believes these have the potential to usher in a new age of affluence and leisure, but warns the transition may be protracted and brutal unless we address the two great scourges of the modern developed world: volatile labour markets and income inequality. He proposes how to avoid an extended period of social turmoil.

Speaker biography:

Jerry Kaplan is widely known in the computer industry as a serial entrepreneur, technical innovator and author. He co-founded four Silicon Valley startups, two of which became publicly traded companies. His book Startup: A Silicon Valley Adventure (1995) was selected by Business Week as one of the top ten business books of the year. His latest book, Humans Need Not Apply: A Guide to Wealth and Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, will be released this year. He is currently a Fellow at the Center for Legal Informatics at Stanford University and teaches ethics and the impact of artificial intelligence in the Computer Science Department.

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