Festival of the Future City

Tim Mowl: Castle Park

Tim Mowl: Redcliffe

It is the success of the restored Queen Square, now a bustling sylvan space, compared with its abject counterpart around the vanished Castle Street, lowered over by the remains of bombed-out churches, that will encourage debate on landscape conservation in the city in this walk. Is it enough just to leave the bombed-out precinct for the brief enjoyment of lunchtime office workers? Might the sculpture park that was devised for the green spaces in the 1980s be revived with new artworks? Could new residential terraces be built alongside the Floating Harbour? Might the historic heart of the city be revitalised by exhibitions on the Castle and St Edith's Well in the ruins of St Peter's?


Tim Mowl is an architectural and garden historian. He has run several successful courses in garden history and published numerous books on architecture and garden history including his famous county garden history series. He has published books on Bristol architecture and created popular walks in and around the city. Bristol Explored – Twelve Architectural Walks was published in March 2015.