The New Black

The New Black

classified 18 (CTBA)

Please note: This was screened in Feb 2016

Yoruba Richen
80 mins, 2013, USA

Director Yoruba Richen adeptly documents the story of an African-American community grappling with the issue of gay and civil rights in light of the historic fight to win marriage equality, and charts the evolution of this devisive issue.

In the US state of Maryland, the black community is having wrenching conversations about homophobia as the gay rights debate unfolds on the political stage and in the courts. While the debate has deepened some divides within the black community, it has also opened a space for new conversations about overcoming oppression for everyone. As activists, families and clergy on both sides of the campaign to legalise gay marriage fight for their voices to be heard in the churches, neighbourhoods—and ultimately at the ballot box – this important film contributes deeply to the highly charged conversation taking place at the intersection of race, sexuality and political rights.

With an introduction by Linda Devo (Queer Vision) and followed by a panel discussion hosted by writer and curator Karen Alexander. Guest speakers include writer and historian Dr Edson Burton, founding Pastor and CEO of House Of Rainbow CIC Jide Macaulay and furniture maker, teacher and DJ Devo (Queer Vision)

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  • Also screening this month, Director Stu Maddux’s documentary Reel in The Closet (Tue 23 Feb 20:40) which connects with the queer community of the past as it explores the old archive films, tapes and home videos that are languishing in the closets and attics of so many LGBT people and their families.

Screening as part of LGBT History Month and presented in partnership with Queer Vision, Bristol Pride and Come The Revolution.