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Celebrating Slocombe


Please note: This was screened in July 2016

Norman Jewison
James Caan, John Houseman, Maud Adams, John Beck
126 mins, 1975, UK/USA

2018 could well have seemed to be a long way back in 1975 but the message of Norman Jewison’s action packed dystopian sci fi sports film rings true more than ever, the threat of global domination by corporations and the power that they have on the way we say and think.

In an imaginary 2018 violence and crime have been totally eliminated from society, and given an outlet in the violent gladitorial sport of rollerball, a high-speed blend of hockey, roller derby, motorbike racing and gang warfare. However, when the reigning champion (James Caan) becomes too popular, the rules are changed, meaning the contestants now find themselves in an ever more brutal and violent game where the main objective is to kill...

Filming took place in Munich and took advantage of some of the futuristic architecture the city had to offer such as the 1972 Olympic arena as well as the newly built BMW Headquarters. Douglas Slocombe took on the challenge of lighting a huge canvas such as the Olympic arena for the film’s key sporting scenes and using a wide variety of cameras, using handheld cameras to enhance the huge energy needed for the action sequences. Add in the incredible work by celebrated production designer John Box you have a highly entertaining film for all the senses. The future is now! The future is Rollerball!

With an introduction by writer and broadcaster Matthew Sweet. Douglas Slocombe's daughter Georgina Slocombe will also be in attendance.