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The Last Seduction 18

The Last Seduction

Featuring one of the all-time great femme fatale performances from Linda Fiorentiono, John Dahl's cult erotic thriller relishes in its portrayal of a clever and manipulating woman running rings around everyone in order to get what she wants.

Looking to escape her unhappy marriage, single-minded Bridget Gregory (Fiorentino) convinces her husband, Clay (Bill Pullman), to sell cocaine, before double-crossing him and taking to the road. Having made off with the ill-gotten gains she washes up in Beston, a tiny town in New York State where she lures Mike (Peter Berg), a nice guy desperate for a little adventure, into her ever evolving web of deceit. Before long she is manipulating everyone in town to deadly effect, but with her enraged husband hot on her trail it’s not long before her hardboiled past begins to catch up with her.

Originally sent straight to VHS in the US, its massive success in UK cinemas subsequently made it a box office hit in America too. An erotic thriller that has all of the classic film noir tropes with none of the tempered morality, The Last Seduction smoulders with vice and passion like a pretty poison that slips down all too easily.