Junction 48

Junction 48

classified 15 S

Bristol Palestine Film Festival 2017


Please note: This was screened in Dec 2017

Udi Aloni
Tamer Nafar, Samar Qupty, Salwa Nakkara
95 mins, Subtitled, 2016, Israel/Germany/USA

Hip hop beats are the heart and soul of this provocative and upbeat musical drama starring Palestinian rapper Tamer Nafar as a fictionalised version of himself.

Kareem (Nafar) is a Palestinian rapper living in Lod, close to Tel Aviv, where Israelis and Palestinians live side-by-side. When a family tragedy brings him closer to his singer girlfriend Manar (Samar Qupty), it motivates him to do something more with his life. As he begins to rise the musical ranks he has to ask himself: can his lyrics ever really be divorced from his politics? Or is it the power of music in its ability to confront and challenge the status quo?

Winner of the Audience Award at Berlinale, Junction 48 is a crowd-pleaser that's full of fiery passion - thanks in no small party to Nafar's brilliantly energetic performance. Enjoy.

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