Off Frame + Short

Off Frame + Short

classified 18 (CTBA)

Bristol Palestine Film Festival 2017


Please note: This was screened in Dec 2017

Mohanad Yaqubi
Yasser Arafat, Vanessa Redgrave
80 mins, 2015, Palestine | France | Jordan | Lebanon | USA | UK
"... and for those who suffer from invisibility, the camera would be their weapon." (Elias Sanbar, Palestinian historian, poet and diplomat)

In this powerful debut documentary Ramallah-based director Mohanad Yaqubi looks at the struggle of the Palestinian people to produce an image on their own terms in the 60s and 70s, with the establishment of the Palestine Film Uni as part of the PL

Off Frame traces the fragments of a revolution, combining images from a national dream for freedom using films from the Palestinian STruggle Cinema (a term used for films produced in relation to the Palestinian revolution between 1968 and 1982). For the outside world, these films represented a people engaged in political struggle, explaining why they are fighting and against whom. But for Palestinians the films marked the transformation of their identity: from refugee to freedom fighter.

The Palestinian revolution collaborated with filmmakers, actors and activists from all across the world yet despite their prolific output, very few of their works remain. Off Frame brings together moments from a selection of these films into one timeline to trace Palestine's quest for self-determination, dignity and - ultimately - peace.

Followed by a Skype Q&A with director Mohanad Yaqubi

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