Action Hero and Noise Orchestra Artists’ Talk
Image credit: Action Hero

Action Hero and Noise Orchestra Artists’ Talk


Please note: This event took place in Feb 2018

90 mins

Join us for an Artists’ Talk with Watershed’s current artists in residence Action Hero and Noise Orchestra.

Action Hero have a long history of creating art form-spanning performances and have a particular interest in all things pop culture. Later this year in a motorhome renovated to include a recording studio, they will weave through Europe, inviting people from every corner of the continent to sing a love song. Songs from Nordkapp in Norway to Athens in Greece, will combine to form an ever-growing, continent-spanning broadcast called Oh Europa.

Manchester-based sound artists Noise Orchestra use light, DIY electronics, turntables and graphical scores to turn images and objects into NOISE. Their latest project SWARM, invites participants to seek out and play city lights, to create city symphonies like no other. They’ve been testing in Bristol and Aberdeen and will premiere the full piece in Rome, Italy early next year.

This event will feature introductions from the artists exploring the thinking behind the work and where they hope to take it next. There will also be a chance to try work-in-progress excerpts of both projects and discuss these evolving ideas. Complimentary drinks will be served. We'd be delighted if you can join us.