Stuart Nolan - How does the future of touch link with 5G?

Stuart Nolan - Reaching out - Touch and 5G

5G Fellowship Talks


Please note: This event took place in March 2018

5G promises to connect us in ways that are seamless, that feel instantaneous, and that can involve many people at the exactly the same time. Here Stuart Nolan, former 'Magician-in-residence' at Watershed, will explore and question the potential of 5G for playing with our sense of physical, mental, and emotional connection, with help from the audience. How can these new connections help us experiment with our sense of embodied imagination, synchronicity, touch, empathy, immediacy, and knowledge? Using your phone and simple materials you will perform a compendium of short scientific rituals, impossible games, and improbable actions!

Stuart Nolan is an artist, performer and creative technologist who combines traditional disciplines of deception with innovative and questionable technology. In 2018 he is attempting to train One Thousand Mindreaders.