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Tim Kindberg - Experiences for Crowds

Tim Kindberg - Experiences for Crowds
0117 927 5100

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Sat 17 March 12:00
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5G's dense availability and high bandwidth in city spaces will help enable digital experiences for crowds of people through their mobile phones. In this talk Tim Kindberg asks questions including: what types of experiences can we create where people use their mobile phones en masse at the same time, and how do we design them? What are people keen - and prepared - to do together, and what type and degree of coordination is involved? Tim explores the design space and examines existing work involving sound and video. As part of his talk you will take part in a poetic synchronised audio experience using your mobile phone.

Tim Kindberg is a digital media technologist and founder at Matter II Media, whose products include social video platforms Vorb and Nth Screen. He acts as editorial lead on the 5G fellowships, heading up a series of workshops and advising on technical aspects of the research.