The Final Girls Present: The Mafu Cage

The Final Girls Present: The Mafu Cage

classified 15

Women on the Periphery


Please note: This was screened in July 2018

Karen Arthur
Lee Grant, Carol Kane, Will Geer
102 mins, 1978, USA

Astronomer Ellen (Lee Grant) lives with her feral-like sister Cissy (Carol Kane) in the crumbling mansion they’ve inherited from their late anthropologist father, complete with a large cage in the middle of the living room, where Cissy keeps her pet ‘mafus’ (monkeys).

Cissy lives in a bubble of her own creation, and reacts aggressively to any attempt to alter her world. Ellen, who’s been taking care of her since their father passed, tries to edge her into adjusting to normal society. When Ellen starts seeing a co-worker, Cissy feels threatened and the suitor finds him in the centre of a violent retribution.

Please note: we will be screening from a rare, imported 35mm print of The Mafu Cage. The print has experienced some colour fading – meaning there is a magenta cast to the image – but is otherwise in excellent condition.