Cinema Rediscovered 2018

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Cinema Rediscovered 2018

Join us for the third edition of Cinema Rediscovered, a chance to discover some of the finest new digital restorations, contemporary classics and film print rarities from across the globe where they were meant to be experienced - on the big screen.

The third edition celebrates Bristol's new status as UNESCO City of Film, a global recognition of the city's outstanding contribution to film culture and provides the perfect excuse for a cinematic city break.

Cinema Rediscovered 2018 programme

Reframing Film Heritage Reframing the Archives

Workshop Reframing Film Heritage

Thu 26 July 12:00

Some of the most distinctive voices in cinema curation open up a conversation on the importance of re-presenting and reframing archives, and in shifting our perspective on the past.

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Right Here Right Now – Archiving For the Future Reframing the Archives

Talk Right Here Right Now – Archiving For the Future

Thu 26 July 15:00

Archive practitioners from around the world and closer to home to share the story behind a recent addition to their archive.

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Danny Leigh Keynote Reframing the Archives

Talk Danny Leigh Keynote

Thu 26 July 16:30

Writer, broadcaster and Senior Curator of fiction film and television at BFI National Archive, Danny Leigh, gives his perspective on reframing the past, present and future of the archive.

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Maurice 15 Restored and Rediscovered

Film Maurice

Thu 26 July 18:30

A sumptuous restoration of James Ivory's 1987 adaptation of E M Forster's gay love story about two Cambridge students in 1911.

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The Apartment PG Restored and Rediscovered

Film The Apartment

Thu 26 July 21:30

Billy Wilder's Oscar®-winning comedy stars Jack Lemmon as a New York insurance drone who lets his superiors use his apartment for their illicit affairs.

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Come The Revolution Presents: Madeline Anderson 18 Women on the Periphery

Film Come The Revolution Presents: Madeline Anderson

Fri 27 July 11:00

A shorts programme of the work of Madeline Anderson, the first African-American woman to executive-produce a nationally aired television series.

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Pulp 12A Bristol UNESCO City of Film

Film Pulp

Fri 27 July 11:10

A year after they'd created one of the defining British gangster pictures with Get Carter, Bristol-born director Mike Hodges and star Michael Caine reunite for this funny parody about private eyes...

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Black Pyramid 25th Anniversary Reflections Bristol UNESCO City of Film

Film Black Pyramid 25 Years Anniversary

Fri 27 July 13:30

An illustrated panel discussion to mark the 25th anniversary of the first Black Pyramid film festival.

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The Phantom Carriage U Bazin 100

Film The Phantom Carriage

Fri 27 July 14:30

Before the Seventh Seal there was the Phantom Carriage, a stone-cold classic of Swedish silent filmmaking that haunts the cinema of both Ingmar Bergman and the French new wave.

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My Twentieth Century 15 (S) Women on the Periphery

Film My Twentieth Century

Fri 27 July 16:00

From Ildikó Enyedi (On Body and Soul), this magical film spins a tale of twin girls who are born in 1880 Budapest on the same moment Thomas Edison presents his electrical lightbulb to the world.

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The Final Girls Present: The Mafu Cage 15 Women on the Periphery

Film The Final Girls Present: The Mafu Cage

Fri 27 July 18:00

The Final Girls present a deeply underrated horror that looks at the twisted dynamic that emerges between an astronomer and her psychotic sister.

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Free Outdoor Screening: Flash Gordon PG Bristol UNESCO City of Film

Event Free Outdoor Screening: Flash Gordon

Fri 27 July 20:15

In a first for Cinema Rediscovered, join us for a special free outdoor screening of the sci-fi cult classic Flash Gordon in Museum Square to celebrate Bristol's new status as UNESCO City of Film.

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The Big Lebowski 18 Restored and Rediscovered

Film The Big Lebowski

Fri 27 July 23:30

Join us for a 20th anniversary late night screening of arguably one of the greatest cult comedies of all time: the Coen Brothers' deconstructed film noir following slacker hero 'the Dude'. Virtual bowling in the Café/Bar before the film - prizes to be won!

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Cinema Walk Bristol UNESCO City of Film

Event Cary Grant Statue

Fri 27 - Sat 28 July

Looking back at Bristol’s own cinematic history, join Dr Peter Walsh on a tour around the centre reflecting on our city’s rich film making and film going past.

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Eight Hours Don’t Make a Day 15 (S) Workers Unite!

Film Eight Hours Don’t Make a Day

Sat 28 July 10:00

A rare chance to see the entirety of Fassbinder's five-part, nearly eight-hour long 1973 television series about a working class German family, now stunningly restored.

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Le Crime de Monsieur Lange PG (S) Bazin 100

Film Le Crime de Monsieur Lange

Sat 28 July 11:00

Jean Renoir's delightful and savage satire, heavily influenced by the French political spirit of the 1930s, sees a group of exploited employees set up a glorious collective when their lecherous boss goes missing.

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beDevil 18 Women on the Periphery

Film beDevil

Sat 28 July 11:15

BeDevil is the stunning debut feature from Tracey Moffatt and the first feature directed by an Australian Aboriginal woman. Presented by writer/curator Karen Alexander.

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Bazin 100: Qu'est ce que le cinema? Vol.1 Bazin 100

Talk Bazin 100: Qu'est ce que le cinema?

Sat 28 July 13:10

Join a panel to discuss André Bazin’s approach to cinema criticism and activism, what it tells us about contemporary film culture, and if he still has relevance today.

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Something Must Break 18 (S) Women on the Periphery

Film Something Must Break

Sat 28 July 13:30

This striking modern romance tells the story of a transgender teen pushed to breaking point when love, life and labels collide.

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You Were Never Really Here 15 Bazin 100

Film You Were Never Really Here

Sat 28 July 15:10

Lynne Ramsay's (We Need To Talk About Kevin, Ratcatcher) brilliantly executed minimalist noir stars Joaquin Phoenix as a gun-for-hire who specialises in saving victims from child sex rings.

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A Moving Image 15 Reframing the Archives

Film A Moving Image

Sat 28 July 16:00

Fiction, documentary and performance art meet and mingle in this colourful portrait of gentrification in Brixton. Recently selected for preservation by the BFI, this film contributes to a growing wealth of British filmmaking.

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Get Carter 18 Bristol UNESCO City of Film

Film Get Carter

Sat 28 July 17:40

One of the definitive British crime films of the 20th century - screening on 35mm and followed by a Q&A with its Bristol-born director Mike Hodges.

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Just Another Girl on the I.R.T. 15 Women on the Periphery

Film Just Another Girl on the I.R.T.

Sat 28 July 18:00

Leslie Harris' 1993 debut - a smart, attitude-packed coming-of-age story set in New York - holds an important place in film history as the first film written and directed by an African American woman to gain British distribution.

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Free Outdoor Screening: Black Panther 12A Bristol UNESCO City of Film

Event Free Outdoor Screening: Black Panther

Sat 28 July 20:15

In a first for Cinema Rediscovered, travel to Wakanda for a special free outdoor screening of blockbuster Marvel adventure Black Panther in Museum Square to celebrate Bristol's new status as UNESCO City of Film.

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The Terminal Man 15 Bristol UNESCO City of Film

Film The Terminal Man

Sat 28 July 23:30

Computer scientist Harry Benson has experimental brain surgery to end his potentially dangerous seizures. But as the experiment backfires, his seizures return… with vengeance! Bristol-born Mike Hodges directs this incredibly rare psychological thrill ride.

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Trip To Curzon: Comrades! 15 Workers Unite!

Film Trip To Curzon: Comrades!

Sun 29 July 10:00

Join us on a trip to Curzon Cinema and Arts in Clevedon, one of the oldest running cinemas in the UK, for a screening of Bill Douglas' epic story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, six Dorset labourers deported to Australia in the 1830s for forming a trade union.

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Cinema Rediscovered Film Fair

Drop-in Cinema Rediscovered Film Fair

Sat 28 - Sun 29 July

The Cinema Rediscovered Film Fair returns for its third year by popular demand. Come and get your hands on some of the best DVDs/Blu-rays and film related merchandise the UK can offer!

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The Loves of Joanna Godden PG Slocombe at Ealing

Film The Loves of Joanna Godden

Sun 29 July 10:20

Googie Withers stars as a young woman who flouts convention by choosing to run the farm she inherited, and rejecting the man she is expected to marry...

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Blue Black Permanent + Short PG Women on the Periphery

Film Blue Black Permanent + Short

Sun 29 July 10:30

Scottish poet, artist and filmmaker Margaret Tait's (1918 - 1999) first feature film Blue, Black, Permanent - about a woman attempting to tell the story of the death of her mother in the Orkney sea.

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Projection Tour Sold Out

Event projection

Sat 28 - Sun 29 July

Join Aardman archivist Tom Vincent on a tour of Watershed’s projection booth and discover how the films screening at the festival make it to the screen during a festival like Cinema Rediscovered.

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Women of the Periphery Shorts 18 Women on the Periphery

Film Women of the Periphery Shorts

Sun 29 July 12:30

Directed by women, each of these five short films playfully reflects upon notions of British sovereignty and identity.

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Bazin 100: Qu'est ce que le cinema? Vol 2 Bazin 100

Event Bazin 100: Qu'est ce que le cinema? Vol 2

Sun 29 July 13:00

Building on the cinema activism and criticism of André Bazin, join the 20th Century Flicks team for an illustrated journey through their extensive collection of films.

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Aardman Earliest Films Restored Bristol UNESCO City of Film

Event Aardman Conversation Pieces

Sun 29 July 13:15

A special event including the UK Premiere of new 4k restorations of Aardman's earliest films.

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BV Studio Tour Sold Out Bristol UNESCO City of Film

Event BV Studio Tour

Sat 28 - Sun 29 July

Interested in film/celluloid and the machines and techniques used to project, print and shoot it? Join us for a tour of G.Hogg's (the founder of the Cube) Bedminster Studio, where he works with analogue film.

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Saraband for Dead Lovers U Slocombe at Ealing

Film Saraband for Dead Lovers

Sun 29 July 15:10

Ealing (and cinematographer Douglas Slocombe's) very first Technicolor feature film is a lavish costume drama set in the 1700s.

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Bhaji on the Beach 15 Women on the Periphery

Film Bhaji on the Beach

Sun 29 July 15:20

Gurinder Chadha's debut empowering classic comedy tells the story of a mini-bus full of women from the Asian Women's Centre on a trip to Blackpool.

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The Eyes of Orson Welles 12A Bazin 100

Film The Eyes of Orson Wells

Sun 29 July 18:00

Mark Cousins dives deep into the visual world of Orson Welles to reveal a portrait of the artist as he’s never been seen before - through his own eyes, sketched with his own hand, painted with his own brush.

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Cleo from 5 to 7 PG Women on the Periphery

Film Cleo from 5 to 7

Sun 29 July 18:30

A special preview of the much anticipated re-release of Agnes Varda’s iconic real-time portrait of a singer set adrift in the city as she awaits test results of a biopsy.

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Park Circus Presents: 20th Century Flicks Film Quiz Sold Out

Event 20th century flicks

Sun 29 July 20:30

Wind down and rediscover the movie trivia hidden in the recesses of your brain with this very special edition of the infamous 20th Century Flicks Film Quiz in the Café/Bar.

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Explore Cinema Rediscovered 2018

Personhood (un)Differed : Madeline Anderson and the Edit UndergroundLiz Chege

I Am Somebody

Posted on Thu 26 Jul 2018

Newly restored, Madeline Anderson’s essential historical records of activism and vital body of cinematic work convey a radical commitment to hope, Come the Revolution curator Liz Chege writes.

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Women on the Periphery: taking centre stageTara Judah

Saute ma Ville

Posted on Wed 25 Jul 2018

On Cinema Rediscovered's focus on Women on the Periphery, Agnés Varda, Laura Mulvey, Spike Lee and more, Watershed Cinema Producer Tara Judah reflects on a history of critical conversations and curatorial choices that have left so many great filmmakers just outside of the spotlight.

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The Eyes of Orson Welles: opening the archiveDr Peter Walsh

Orson Welles

Posted on Wed 25 Jul 2018

With unfettered access to Orson Welles' private drawings and paintings, held dear in the private archive of his youngest daughter, filmmaker Mark Cousins invites us into his Wellesian world, through the eyes of the great man himself, Dr Peter Walsh writes.

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Slocombe at Ealing: the early yearsJames Harrison

Saraband for Dead Lovers

Posted on Tue 24 Jul 2018

For this third year of Cinema Rediscovered we celebrate two rarities in Douglas Slocombe’s filmography, from his early years at Ealing Studios. The films are worlds apart when it comes to style, and yet, were filmed within the course of a few months, co-director and co-curator of South West Silents, James Harrison, writes.

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Something Must Break: love beyond labelsThea Berry

Something Must Break

Posted on Tue 24 Jul 2018

Defying gender norms and refusing labels, Something Must Break is an intimate and energetic picture of people looking for who they can be and are allowed to be, Watershed's MA Curation student Thea Berry writes.

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Black Pyramid 25th Anniversary: which way forward?Ian Sergeant

Black Pyramid Film Festival

Posted on Mon 23 Jul 2018

Twenty-five years on, Ian Sergeant, a founding member of Black Pyramid Film and Video Project, reflects on the history and legacy of black British cinema in the UK and the role Black Pyramid Film Festival played.

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Behind Closed Doors: inside The ApartmentTara Judah

The Apartment

Posted on Mon 23 Jul 2018

In the wake of allegations against some of Hollywood's most powerful figures, Billy Wilder's The Apartment feels more timely than ever. Ripe for rediscovery, it reveals a savage critique of patriarchal capitalism, Cinema Producer Tara Judah writes.

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A Melodramatic Turn: Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Eight Hours Don't Make a DayAndy Willis

Eight Hours Don't Make a Day

Posted on Wed 18 Jul 2018

The ongoing work of the Fassbinder Foundation has ensured that the memory and legacy of one of West Germany’s greatest filmmakers has been preserved, including his turn to melodrama and television, Professor Andy Willis writes.

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A Moving Image: Art and gentrification in fluxThea Berry

A Moving Image

Posted on Wed 18 Jul 2018

A Moving Image is the commendably ambitious and partly crowd-funded feature debut by writer-director Shola Amoo. Hailed by The Observer’s Wendy Ide as “a distinctive and bold new voice in British cinema”, the docu-drama addresses the thorny subject of South London's gentrification, Watershed's MA Curation student Thea Berry writes.

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Bazin 100: Celebrating a cinephile activistMark Cosgrove

Le Crime de Monsieur Lange

Posted on Wed 18 Jul 2018

Ahead of our Bazin 100 celebration screenings and discussions at Cinema Rediscovered, Cinema Curator Mark Cosgrove reflects on the passion and curiosity of prototype cinephile activist, André Bazin.

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The Look of Mike HodgesJames Harrison

Flash Gordon

Posted on Wed 18 Jul 2018

Revisiting the films of Bristol-born Mike Hodges, South West Silents' co-founder and co-curator James Harrison reflects on the colour and design that set a look and defined a decade of filmmaking in the director's screen career.

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An Introduction to Mike Hodges at Cinema Rediscovered

An Introduction to Mike Hodges at Cinema Rediscovered

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BBC Archive Researcher James Harrison speaks about Bristol-born Mike Hodges’ iconic Get Carter and Pulp - screening in celebration of Bristol's new status as UNESCO City of Film.

July 2018 Cinema Podcast

July 2018 Cinema Podcast

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This month's cinema podcast focusses on four highlights covering First Reformed, Apostasy, Ex Libris: The New York Public Library and Pin Cushion plus a quick round up some of the other picks of the month in a packed July programme

André Bazin: Reflections from the video shop

20th Century Flicks Video Shop

Posted on Sun 17 Jun 2018

We asked David Taylor and Daisy Steinhardt from 20th Century Flicks video shop to share short reflections on the words of cinephile and activist André Bazin, ahead of their illustrated talk during Cinema Rediscovered.

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The film Hollywood dared not make: Just Another Girl on the I.R.T.

Just Another Girl on the I.R.T.

Posted on Tue 5 Jun 2018

Vying with Julie Dash’s recently re-discovered and rightly celebrated Daughters of the Dust (1991) as the first film directed by an African American female to be commercially released, Just Another Girl on the I.R.T stands as a pivotal point in African American cinema.

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