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Early Mickey

Early Slapstick Animation

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Slapstick 2019


Please note: This was screened in Jan 2019

Walt Disney
75 mins, 1920, USA
Primary language

Cinema was still a precocious toddler when it acquired a brash, bouncy sibling. No sooner had the great silent comedians worked out how to put slapstick into the movies than cartoonists got in on the act, using the unique properties of animation to bring ever more inventive and hilarious films to the screen.

In this event Merlin Crossingham, creative director on Wallace and Gromit and animation director on Aardman’s feature film Early Man will present some unusual gems from the early, magical days of animation – featuring a cast of cats, rabbits, and of course one very famous mouse.

Please note: In a change to the original listing, due to circumstances beyond his control, Peter Lord will sadly now be unable to present this event.