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Please note: This was screened in March 2019

Simon Amstell
Colin Morgan, Anna Chancellor, Phénix Brossard
85 mins, 2018, UK
Primary language:

Comedian and writer Simon Amstell brings us his hilarious and heartfelt feature debut about a young filmmaker thrown into emotional turmoil by a flourishing romance and the premiere of his second feature film.

Benjamin (Colin Morgan) is an awkward and insecure young man, desperate for approval but a minor disaster when it comes to the world of romance. His new film ‘No Self’ – an autobiographical picture about love and disconnection – is premiering at the London Film Festival, and he’s more than a bit keen for the acclaim of the merciless audiences. As the nerves and anxiety surge, his publicist introduces him to an attractive French musician called Noah (Phénix Brossard) – a meeting that hurls him into an existential crisis.

Incredibly human and remarkably endearing, this is a film that comes from a place of honesty – Simon Amstell’s own toe-curling experiences of love shine loudly, hilariously straddling the line between reality and the ridiculous.

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