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5G Smart Futures Talks

5G Smart Futures Talks

5G Smart Futures


Please note: This event took place in March 2019

Since the Layered Realities weekend in March 2018, there has been a huge amount of development of 5G technology and its capabilities. As part of the 5G Smart Futures showcase, our series of talks and presentations will demonstrate how far the development has come in the West of England, and how 5G has grown from potential to reality.

Smart Tourism – 5G technology innovation transforming visitors’ experience - 2 part session

10:30 - 11:30 - Smart Tourism Part 1

The first event of the day, hosted by Dimitra Simeonidou (Professor of High Performance Networks, University of Bristol Smart Internet Lab), will present an opportunity to hear more about the advancements of 5G technology from representatives of DCMS, BT, and the University of Bristol Smart Internet Lab, whilst also hearing from key partners, CCS, InterDigital and Zeetta about their contributions to making 5G technology the reality that it has become.

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11:45 - 12:45 - Smart Tourism Part 2

In the second part of the morning’s session, Smartify, Mativision, MoSys, Landmrk and BBC R&D will delve deeper into the work they have done to create their 5G experiences. Join us to find out more about how they created their demonstrations, the learning and outcomes of the process and what will happen next for 5G.

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14:15 - 15:15 - Tim Kindberg - 5G for Sceptics

In 5G for Sceptics, Tim will cover 5G's essential aspects as they are relevant to the user and the application developer, concentrating on creative applications. How will our world change as 5G is rolled out, and who wants it to change? He will cast a sceptical eye on the mass rollout of densely connected devices that 5G will facilitate, and consider how we can respond to the implications for surveillance and security.

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Dr. Tim Kindberg is a computer scientist by background, specialising in mobile and pervasive computing. He was a senior lecturer at Queen Mary London and a visiting professor at the University of Bath and ITU Copenhagen, and is co-author of the textbook Distributed Systems - Concepts & Design. For ten years he was a senior researcher at HP Labs in Palo Alto and Bristol. More recently, he is the founder of Matter II Media, based in Bristol's Pervasive Media Studio, which specialises in creative applications for collective experiences, including social video platforms Vorb and Nth Screen. 'For Sceptics' is a series of blog articles and talks he has been developing to encourage us to speak truth to technological power, including critical looks at AI, Blockchain and Facebook.

15:15 - 16:00 - Engaging the audiences of the future

In a world where 5G is now a reality, what ways can it enable new audiences? As a new generation of digital natives collides with the low latency and mobile capabilities of 5G, how will audiences change? And how do technologists, SME’s and creatives adapt to audiences who are changing, almost as fast as the technology they interact with? Join us as we dig into a world where creativity and technology overlap. Chaired by Clare Reddington (CEO of Watershed) and featuring contributions from Jon Dovey (Professor of Screen Media on Dept of Creative Industries, University of West England), Åste Amundsen (Theatre Maker/Experience Designer), Seth Jackson (CEO - Landmrk).

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