The Tingler

Halloween Special: The Tingler

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Please note: This was screened in Oct 2019

William Castle
Vincent Price, Judith Evelyn, Darryl Hickman |
81 mins, 1960, USA
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As this classic 50's frightener celebrates its 60th anniversary, join us for B-movie maestro William Castle’s weirdo masterpiece of gimmickry featuring a lobster-shaped monster that feeds on human fear - the perfect, spine-tingling offering for you this Halloween.

American director William Castle charmed Hollywood horror audiences throughout the '50s and '60s with fun, kitschy delights. A true showman, he gave personal introductions to his films in trailers and his purpose-built gimmicks turned every trip to the cinema into an interactive experience. His best known film,The Tingler stars Vincent Price as Dr. Warren Chapin, a pathologist who discovers a parasite attached to the human spine that nourishes on fear, one whose growth is halted by the natural reaction of screaming.

The Tingler's reputation though was superseded by its promotional gimmick, Percepto! (a vibrating device fitted under some seats that buzzed audience members on the film’s original release). And whilst we can't promise such an electrifying experience at our screening you’re still sure of a shock or two and whole lot of schlocky horror fun. And remember; in the words of Castle himself, ‘a scream at the right time may just save your life’!