Horizontal Cinema

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Horizontal Cinema

Here at Watershed we want to be as welcoming, inclusive and accessible as we can for everyone: for all of our customers, audiences, staff and visitors.

Horizontal Cinema is designed to benefit the chronically ill community who may need to lie down to experience art comfortably, and make sure pain flare ups are not triggered and precious energy is not zapped by a trip to the cinema.

Here's what you can expect at a Horizontal Cinema screening:

  • Seats in the front row will be reserved and your bean bag or yoga mat will be laid out for you before you arrive in front of these seats. 
  • A member of the team will help you with whatever you need. 
  • You are welcome to shift position or move into the seat during the film, whatever you need to be comfortable. 
  • We will tidy up your lying down kit after the film screening.

Bespoke Horizontal Cinema

We also work with Raquel to run some specific Horizontal Cinema events for the local chronically ill community, where we have sole use of the cinema. These screenings can accomodate a maximum of 12 lying down attendees.

Here’s what you can expect for these events:

  • We will lay out bean bags and yoga mats all along the front row of the cinema. 
  • The cinema doors will open 10 minutes before the screening start time. 
  • We will show trailers but not adverts. This creates a ‘soft start’ and you are welcome to join even if you arrive a little late.
  • You are welcome to move around during the film and do what you need to do to be as comfortable as possible in the space.
  • We will have a 15min ‘soft end’ so you can take time to linger or gather before leaving the cinema space.
  • A member of our team will help you with whatever you need. 
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£5.00 before 16:00 / £ 8.50 after 16:00  for a concessionary ticket and a free companion ticket, which you can collect and pay for on arrival.


Our building is fully accessible – visit our Access Page for all the details. We also have a Visual Story you can view to help you to become familiar with the new surroundings.

Sign up to our Accessible Mailing list for regular updates about forthcoming accessible screenings and events.

We really want to hear your feedback on Horizontal Cinema

Email us at access@watershed.co.uk, call 0117 927 5100 or speak to us in person to let us know what you think and if there's anything we can improve.