Grief, Death and Love

Grief, Death and Love


Please note: this season finished in May 2018

In partnership with Festival of Ideas we present two important documentaries that explore a subject that impacts us all but which we would rather not have to think about: death.

Previous screenings in this season

A Love That Never Dies  12A   Grief, Death and Love

A Love That Never Dies
Sun 20 May 14:30
How do we grieve? Why do we grieve? And why are we afraid of those that do grieve? In this very personal documentary two parents grieving for their lost son travel across the USA in search of answers to these questions.

Island  15   Grief, Death and Love

Sat 19 May 14:30
This haunting, deeply moving and strangely life-affirming documentary follows four terminally ill cancer patients as they each approach the end of their lives.