Bristol Palestine Film Festival 2018
Bristol Palestine Film Festival 2018

Bristol Palestine Film Festival 2018


Please note: this season finished in Dec 2018

Bristol Palestine Film Festival - now in its eighth year – returns with an amazing range of features and shorts providing a unique insight into life in and around Palestine.

Previous screenings in this season

What Walaa Wants  15  S Palestine Film Festival

What Walaa Wants
Sun 9 Dec 17:40
This intimate documentary follows Walaa from aged 15 to 21, revealing her exuberant energy and is the first-ever look inside the Palestinian police academy.

Killing Gaza + Q&A  18  S Palestine Film Festival

Killing Gaza
Sun 9 Dec 14:40
Independent journalists Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen documented Israel’s 2014 assault on Gaza during the war, and chronicled its horrific aftermath.

The Insult  15  S Palestine Film Festival

The Insult
Sat 8 Dec 17:30
The Insult is ultimately a plea for empathy, forgiveness and peace – showing us that even in the most hostile of situations, with all of our prejudices, we're still in this together.

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem + Q&A  18  S Palestine Film Festival

Reports on Sarah and Saleem
Fri 7 Dec 20:30
The extra-marital affair between a Palestinian man and an Israeli woman has political consequences in this taut psychosocial drama.

Wall + Q&A with David Hare  15   Palestine Film Festival

Wall + Q&A with David Hare
Thu 6 Dec 18:30
A feature-length animated film written by and starring well regarded British playwright and Oscar® nominee David Hare.