January 2023 Cinema Podcast

Mark Cosgrove and Steph Read share thoughts on a range of different types of cinema coming to Watershed in January - from celebrations of film to art activism.

First up is mind-bending Cornish folk horror tale Enys Men which traverses isolation, memories, dreams, and fears – gorgeously shot on grainy 16mm film. Inspired by this Mark and Steph discuss their season of films A Woman on the Verge, wich locates Enys Men in a rich cinematic line of emotional journeys leading to transformation, redemption or renewal.

Mark and Steph share a unanimous, general dislike of syrupy and emotionally manipulative Steven Spielberg. Yet for the first time for Mark, Spielberg's semi-autobiographical story of a young aspiring filmmaker, The Fabelmans, leaves him very much enjoying a really honest, engaging and personal story of cinema.

And lastly up for discussion in this month's podcast is the stirring portrait of artist and activist Nan Goldin, focusing on her fight against Big Pharma. Mark and Steph talk about the unexpected insight into the artists own experience the film offers and the bigger question of patronage for the arts and the gallery as a space for activism and political debate.

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Posted on Mon 19 Dec 2022.

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