Laurie Johnson on Bernard Herrmann

From Psycho’s stabbing thrust of strings in the shower to the rise and fall of Vertigo’s romantic theme, to the spooky, extraterrestial sound of theremins in The Day The Earth Stood Still to Taxi Driver’s sleazy sax sounds on the streets of seventies New York, composer Bernard Herrmann forever changed the way film music was thought of with his groundbreaking work.

In this interview, legendary British composer and producer Laurie Johnson talks to Mark Cosgrove, Watershed’s Head of Programme, about his friendship with Bernard Herrmann. Laurie and 'Benny' met in the late 50s following a reception given by Columbia Pictures, and in this interview he talks to Mark about the man behind the music, discussing Herrmann’s professional and private life, his work, reputation, and legacy.

Laurie Johnson is an award-winning composer, producer and bandleader who has composed scores for film, television, and theatre. He has contributed music to a huge number of films and television series’, including Dr. Strangelove, The Moonraker, The Professionals, And Soon The Darkness, Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter, The Avengers, Animal Magic, Jason King, and The New Avengers.

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Posted on Fri 6 May 2011.