Cinema Rediscovered 2019
Cinema Rediscovered 2019

Cinema Rediscovered 2019

Thu 25 - Sun 28 July

Join us for the fourth edition of Cinema Rediscovered – a chance to discover some of the finest new digital restorations, contemporary classics and film print rarities from across the globe where they were meant to be experienced – on the big screen.

See how the schedule is shaping up, or view the programme below.

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Cinema Rediscovered 2019 programme

Reframing Film Heritage Reframing the Archives

Reframing Film Heritage
Thu 25 July 12:00
In this free event for BFI Film Audience Network (FAN) Members, some of the most distinctive voices in curation and archiving open up a conversation on the potential of reclaiming and reframing archives.

New Towns, Our Town  U   Reframing the Archives

New Towns, Our Town
Thu 25 July 15:30
A collection of rare archive films that shed light on the New Towns movement and the experiences of their early pioneers. Presented by Heather McIntosh, Independent Cinema Office.

Philip French Memorial Lecture: Simran Hans Film Criticism

Philip French Memorial Lecture: Simran Hans
Thu 25 July 18:30
What is the future for film criticism? To opens the 4th edition of Cinema Rediscovered (25 - 28th July) Simran Hans, film critic for the Observer, responds to some of the most pressing concerns about the role of the critic in uncertain times.

Notorious  U   Bristol UNESCO City of Film

Thu 25 July 20:30
Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman pair up in Hitchcock’s post-war spy thriller, film noir – with just a dash of screwball dialogue and some serious romance – and the results are electric.

It's Alive  18   Scala Rediscovered

It's Alive
Thu 25 July 23:00
A late night screening of B movie director, writer and producer Larry Cohen’s best known works featuring a mutant baby, a score by Bernard Herrmann, and special effects and make up from Rick Baker.

Cinema Walk Bristol UNESCO City of Film

Cinema Walk
Fri 26 - Sat 27 July
Walking tour
Join Dr Peter Walsh, South West Silents Co-Director, on a guided tour through the city centre, and reflect on Bristol born filmmakers and actors, discover cinema related establishments, and look at the crumbling ruins of Bristol’s filmic past.

World Premiere: Filmfarsi  15  PS Reframing the Archives

Fri 26 - Sat 27 July
Il Cinema Ritrovato Co-director and filmmaker Ehsan Khoshbakht presents his found-footage essay, Filmfarsi salvages low budget thrillers and melodramas suppressed following the 1979 Islamic revolution.

Muriel Box: Simon & Laura  PG   Cinema Innovators

Muriel Box: Simon & Laura
Fri 26 July 11:30
Muriel Box's critically acclaimed 1955 film anticipated reality television by half a century, and spoofed the BBC with tongue-in-cheek humour.

Walkabout  12A   Nic Roeg

Fri 26 July 11:40
Nicolas Roeg’s classic plunged two white children (teenager Jenny Agutter and Roeg’s six-year-old son Luc) into the harsh environment of the Australian outback.

Make Me Up  15   Gluttony, Decadence and Resistance

Make Me Up
Fri 26 July 12:00
This darkly-comic film by multimedia artist Rachel Maclean takes a satirical look at how TV and social media can be fun spaces to explore identity, but simultaneously a gilded prison that encourages women to conform to strict beauty ideals.

A Lost World Made New: Victorian Cinema in VR Cinema Innovators

A Lost World Made New: Victorian Cinema in VR
Fri 26 July 13:30
BFI National Film Archive collaborate with Bristol-based company BDH to represent Victorian filmmakers' early experiments via Virtual Reality.

Focus on Moustapha Alassane  12A  S Restored and Rediscovered

Focus on Moustapha Alassane
Fri 26 July 14:30
A focus on the playful, incisive work of Nigerien filmmaker Moustapha Alassane, including UK premieres of brand new restorations of some of his most celebrated films.

Bad Timing  18  PS Nic Roeg

Bad Timing
Fri 26 July 14:40
Nic Roeg's masterful, unflinching and deeply disturbing foray into the dark world of sexual obsession.

Alice Guy-Blaché Screening  PG   Cinema Innovators

Alice Guy-Blaché  Screening
Fri 26 July 14:45
A selection of films by Alice Guy-Blaché, one of the first filmmakers to direct a narrative fiction film, and the first known woman filmmaker.

Anthology Film Archives: Jonas Mekas Reframing the Archives

Anthology Film Archives: Jonas Mekas
Fri 26 July 17:00
Join Helen De Witt, curator and lecturer in Film Studies at Birkbeck University of the Arts London, writer/curator Karen Alexander, and filmmaker, author and academic Vicky Smith for a conversation on the inspirational legacy of Anthology Film Archives.

Performance + Q&A  18   Nic Roeg

Fri 26 July 17:30
Nic Roeg’s first feature film co-directed with art world bohemian Donald Cammell produced an era-defining portrait of swinging 60s decadence meets brutal east end underworld.

Fruit of Paradise  12A  S Gluttony, Decadence and Resistance

Fruit of Paradise
Fri 26 July 18:00
Take a bittersweet bite from the tree of transgression. Made at the height of the Czech New Wave cinema, Vera Chytilová's film is a direct and subversive response to the political struggle in the former Czechoslovakia.

Scala Rediscovered Scala Rediscovered

Scala Rediscovered
Fri 26 July 20:00
Post-punk and pre-digital, the Scala was London’s most infamous repertory cinema. Join author, film exhibitor (and previous programme manager for The Scala) Jane Giles in conversation with Watershed Cinema Curator Mark Cosgrove for a discussion on the Scala's influence.

Society  18   Gluttony, Decadence and Resistance

Fri 26 July 20:30
From Brian Yuzna, the filmmaker behind Re-Animator, comes yet another gross out B-movie, but this time it's dripping with salty satire. Shelved for three years after its debut on the festival circuit, first at Cannes, the film finally gained a US theatrical release in 1992.

Don't Look Now  15   Nic Roeg

Don't Look Now
Fri 26 July 21:00
If ever evidence was to be presented for filmmaking as a unique art form then Nic Roeg's masterpiece Don't Look Now, a film about love and grief wrapped up in a psychological thriller, could be used to mount the case.

Mr Bongo's 30th Birthday Bash Scala Rediscovered

Mr Bongo's 30th Birthday Bash
Fri 26 July 21:45
Join us in the Café and Bar for a special take over to celebrate 30 years of Mr Bongo, the iconic record shop and film label, before a late night screening of Mexican/Italian cult classic Santa Sangre.

Santa Sangre  18   Scala Rediscovered

Santa Sangre
Fri 26 July 23:20
A violent, bloody, dream-like work like no other, Alejandro Jodorowsky's unsettling, troubling and oddly rewarding Santa Sangre follows a boy who grows up in the circus and whose strange experiences mark his life.

Projection Tour Analogue Rules

Sat 27 July 09:00
Join Film and Media Archivist and Historian Rosie Taylor on a tour of Watershed’s projection booth and discover how the films screening at the festival make it to the screen during a festival like Cinema Rediscovered.

The Passion of Remembrance  15   The Films of Maureen Blackwood

Passion of Remembrance
Sat 27 July 10:30
Maureen Blackwood and Isaac Julien co-directed the first full-length feature by Sankofa Film and Video. A radical commentary on race, gender and sexuality.

Analogue Room Analogue Rules

Analogue Room
Sat 27 July 10:30 - 18:00
Join us at one of these free drop-in sessions to have a go at making up a 35mm film print and projecting it yourself.

La Grande Bouffe  18  S Gluttony, Decadence and Resistance

La Grande Bouffe
Sat 27 July 11:00
Feast your eyes on this seminal tale of greed, hedonism and excess, just don't get tempted to take a bite!

Journey into the Archive: Rosie Taylor Analogue Rules

Journey into the Archive: Rosie Taylor
Sat 27 July 12:30
Join Film and Media Archivist, Historian and South West Silents Co-Director Rosie Taylor for a Lunchtime Talk about her passion for film and her journey into the BFI National Film Archive.

Maureen Blackwood Shorts  15   The Films of Maureen Blackwood

Maureen Blackwood Shorts
Sat 27 July 13:20
A selection of Maureen Blackwood's award-winning short films presented by writer/curator Karen Alexander.

The Murder of Mr Devil  15  S Gluttony, Decadence and Resistance

The Murder of Mr Devil
Sat 27 July 14:00
Released the same year as Chytilová's Fruit of Paradise, and as an unofficial sequel to Daisies, Krumbachová The Murder of Mr Devil is another outrageous and acerbic tale of provocative moral anarchy.

Film Critics' Insights Film Criticism

Film Critics' Insights
Sat 27 July 15:30
Join Cinema Rediscovered Film Critics workshop alumni and critic and film historian Pamela Hutchinson for a reflection on the current state of film criticism and the contemporary issues facing working critics in the UK and beyond.

UK Premiere: Oldboy  18  S Restored and Rediscovered

Old Boy
Sat 27 July 15:45
Park Chan-wook's classic revenge thriller Oldboy returns to cinema screens in stunning 4K.

Ouaga, capitale du cinéma  12A  S Restored and Rediscovered

Focus on Moustapha Alassane
Sat 27 July 16:00
Shorts package
Join us for a special screening of documentary Ouaga, capitale du cinéma straight from Il Cinema Ritrovato's celebration of the 50th anniversary of FESPACO, one of the most important Pan-African film festivals in the world.

Croupier + Q&A with Mike Hodges  15   Bristol UNESCO City of Film

Sat 27 July 16:20
Join Bristol-born director Mike Hodges for a 20th anniversary screening of his sophisticated noir thriller, starring Clive Owen as a croupier who gets sucked into the world of a corrupt casino.

The Invisible Machine Analogue Rules

The Invisible Machine
Sat 27 July 18:00
Join Graeme Hogg from the Cube Cinema and Nachleben Experimental Film Archive for a free talk about the processes involved in digitising some nitrate film that was found at the Curzon Cinema & Arts in Clevedon.

The Final Girls present: Eyes of Laura Mars  18   Restored and Rediscovered

The Final Girls present: Eyes of Laura Mars
Sat 27 July 18:40
Fresh off her Oscar® win for Network (1976), Faye Dunaway stars as Laura Mars, a renowned yet controversial fashion photographer, haunted by psychic visions of a serial killer stalking the fashion community.

The Man Who Fell To Earth  18   Nic Roeg

The Man Who Fell To Earth
Sat 27 July 19:30
The fatalistic story of a crash-landed alien outsider and aid mission gone disastrously wrong, Nic Roeg's idiosyncratic exploration of the sci-fi genre has stood the test of time. Now gorgeously restored, this stranger than science fiction tale can be enjoyed by audiences all over again.

45s & 35 Analogue Rules

45s & 35
Sat 27 July 21:45
Join us in the Café/Bar for a night of 35mm projection and a live vinyl set loosely themed around The Man Who Fell To Earth brought to you by Graeme Hogg and Mr Hopkinson.

Black Rainbow  15   Bristol UNESCO City of Film

Black Rainbow
Sat 27 July 23:20
Mike Hodges directs this thriller starring Roseanna Arquette as a spiritualist who becomes a disembodied witness to a brutal killing.

BV Studio Tour Analogue Rules

BV Studio Tours
Sun 28 July 09:30
Walking tour
Join Graeme Hogg, co-founder of the Cube Cinema in Bristol and Nachleben Experimental Film Archive on a tour of his Bedminster Studio. This is for anyone interested in film and the machines and techniques used to project, print, and shoot it.

Trip to Curzon: Soylent Green  15   Gluttony, Decadence and Resistance

Trip to Curzon: Soylent Green
Sun 28 July 11:00
Join us on a day trip to Curzon Cinema and Arts in Clevedon for a tour of one of the oldest running cinemas in the UK, followed by a screening of iconic sci- fi Soylent Green.

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover  18   Gluttony, Decadence and Resistance

The Cook, The Thief, The Wife & Her Lover
Sun 28 July 11:00
Given an X rating in the US, and creating a furore on home shores for its allegory on Thatcherism, Peter Greenaway's infamous avant-garde crime dramedy is a foul feast on Britain's social, moral and political carcass.

UK Premiere: For All Mankind  PG   Restored and Rediscovered

For All Mankind
Sun 28 July 11:10
Twenty years after the July 1969 Apollo 11 space landing this documentary brought to a wider public the extraordinary human achievements involved. With a specially composed score by Brian Eno.

UK Premiere: Adoption  15  S Restored and Rediscovered

Sun 28 July 11:30
Celebrated as the first Berlinale Golden Bear awarded to a female director, Márta Mészáros’ Adoption is a powerful meditation on agency and womanhood in a world that waits to give permission.

Robert Who? Rediscovering Britain's Forgotten Film Pioneer Cinema Innovators

Robert Who? Rediscovering Britain's Forgotten Film Pioneer
Sun 28 July 13:30
Join Professor Ian Christie for an illustrated talk on early film pioneer Robert Paul, who co-created the first movie camera in Britain and built England's first film studio, amongst many other things!

UK Premiere: Hoop Dreams  12A   Restored and Rediscovered

Hoop Dreams
Sun 28 July 14:30
Twenty five years after its premiere at the 1994 Sundance Film Festival, revist Steve James' newly restored landmark documentary Hoop Dreams, which tells the story of two African-American dreamers determined to one day play professional basketball.

Eureka  18   Nic Roeg

Sun 28 July 14:40
Three decades after being overlooked by critics, Eureka returns to reclaim a place among both the front ranks of Nic Roeg's work and as one of the most extraordinary studio films of the 1980s.

Kind Hearts and Coronets + Q&A with Terence Davies  U   Restored and Rediscovered

Kind Hearts and Coronets
Sun 28 July 15:00
Perhaps the darkest of the Ealing comedies, this coolly elegant, subversive masterpiece was originally billed as "a hilarious study in the gentle art of murder." Followed by a discussion with Terence Davies.

Victorian Film Inventor: Friese-Greene Cinema Innovators

Victorian Film Inventor: Friese-Green
Sun 28 July 17:30
How on earth did Willie Green, a working-class kid from Bristol, become William Friese-Greene, the first person to present a movie camera to the world?

Hale County This Morning, This Evening  18 (CTBA)   Restored and Rediscovered

Hale County, This Morning, This Evening
Sun 28 July 18:20
An innovative, impressionistic portrait of contemporary life in Hale County, Alabama, chronicling a small community of people who come up against ordinary and uncommon odds.

UK Premiere: Une Femme Douce  15  S Restored and Rediscovered

Une Femme Douce
Sun 28 July 18:30
A piercing and unforgettable film, we are pleased to present this very special premiere of the UK theatrical re-release of Une Femme Douce. Returning to the big screen with greater potency than before, Robert Bresson's film is the final word on the impact of the male gaze.

Park Circus Presents: 20th Century Flicks Film Quiz

Park Circus Presents: 20th Century Flicks Film Quiz
Sun 28 July 20:30
For one night only, the infamous 20th Century Flicks Film Quiz comes to Watershed. Test your knowledge across a wide range of film geekery with hosts Dave "Herzog" Taylor and Mr Bags as they rediscover movie trivia in the bar.

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Explore Cinema Rediscovered 2019

 Archiving and restoring Africa's film heritage: Visions and Challenges 

Dr Aboubakar Sanogo at Il Cinema Ritrovato
Posted on Mon 22 July 2019 by Mark Cosgrove
Cinema Rediscovered founder and co-curator Mark Cosgrove sat down with Dr Aboubakar Sanogo, assistant professor of Film Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and North American Secretary of FEPACI, to discuss the challenges and vision for African film heritage.

 Interview: Musician Adrian Utley on the films of Nic Roeg 

Nicolas Roeg
Posted on Mon 22 July 2019 by Mark Cosgrove
Festival Founder and Co-curator Mark Cosgrove caught up with Bristol based musician, producer and composer Adrian Utley (Portishead) to talk about his experience of collaborating with director Nic Roeg on the BBC project Sound on Film (2000).

 Slocombe at Ealing: Kind Hearts and Coronets 

Douglas Slocombe in the 1940s
Posted on Tue 16 July 2019 by James Harrison
For this fourth year of Cinema Rediscovered we continue to celebrate the work of cinematographer Douglas Slocombe (1913 -2016) with a special 70th Anniversary screening of Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949). South West Silents' co-founder and co-curator at Cinema Rediscovered James Harrison continues to look at the work of Slocombe and writes.

 The confinement of liberty in Une Femme Douce 

Une Femme Douce
Posted on Thu 20 June 2019 by Tara Judah
At last year’s Courtisane film festival in Ghent, I saw Robert Bresson’s Une Femme Douce. I couldn’t believe that I had not only never seen this film but that it hadn't come up in conversation on Bresson, French cinema of the ‘60s and ‘70s, cinematic gaslighting, or the impact of the male gaze.

 Politically potent unpleasant appetites 

La Grande Bouffe
Posted on Wed 19 June 2019 by Tara Judah
The films belonging to Gluttony, Decadence & Resistance were all selected for their interest in asking us, as viewers, to think, feel and step outside of the safety of seeing films as entertainment, letting them instead activate us through an aesthetics and affect of excess that was designed to disgust and disrupt.

 Encountering Nic Roeg's cinematic spell 

Posted on Wed 19 June 2019 by Mark Cosgrove
Taking a chance on a double bill in a dodgy cinema on Jamaica Street in Glasgow as a teen, Cinema Rediscovered's founder and co-curator Mark Cosgrove reflects on his discovery of the unique and mesmeric cinematic world of Nicolas Roeg.

 Analogue Rules! Beginner's guide to reel film 

Out of Print
Posted on Tue 18 June 2019 by Tom Vincent
Today, if you go the cinema to watch a new movie, it is almost a certainty you will be watching a digitally projected moving image but at this year’s Cinema Rediscovered, you will have the chance to see some films on film. And, if you visit the Analogue Room, you will have the opportunity to handle 35mm film and try your hand at splicing and projecting, too, Aardman Archivist Tom Vincent writes.

 When We Were Kings: Hale County This Morning, This Evening and Hoop Dreams 

Hale County This Morning, This Evening
Posted on Tue 18 June 2019 by Adam Murray
Struck by how both films are able to tell sincere and compelling stories, seemingly revolving around the same themes and issues using the medium of ‘documentary-film', curator and critic Adam Murray reflects on the still staggeringly different approaches taken by two engaging films on the human condition; Hale County This Morning, This Evening and Hoop Dreams.

 Santa Sangre and Midnight Movies at the Scala 

Santa Sangre
Posted on Tue 18 June 2019 by Jane Giles
The only UK cinema to take on the American phenomenon of Midnight Movies, The Scala brought daylight hours, Alejandro Jodorowsky and the Cinema of the Bizarre together for the very first time. When Santa Sangre screened it was billed as "Outrageous and brilliant... Fellini meets Monty Python", former Scala programmer Jane Giles reflects.

 It's Alive: Larry Cohen and the all-nighter 

It's Alive
Posted on Tue 18 June 2019 by Jane Giles
Never one to shy away from a marginalised filmmaker whose work generally received more poor reviews than plaudits, the Scala’s allegiance to maverick B-movie auteur Larry Cohen was consistent as his films ranged across the genres closest to the Scala’s heart: queer cinema, Blaxploitation, sci-fi and horror.

 Thinking outside of the box: cinema innovators at Cinema Rediscovered 

Muriel Box
Posted on Mon 17 June 2019 by Rosie Taylor
Alice Guy-Blaché and Muriel Box were cinema innovators working in very different eras and yet, both women fought against the odds to take their ambition to the top and become prolific storytellers for the big screen, archivist and curator Rosie Taylor writes.

 The unnatural worlds of Mike Hodges 

Posted on Mon 17 June 2019 by James Harrison
The dark, unnatural worlds created by Bristol-born Mike Hodges in Black Rainbow and Croupier might not be so far removed from our own, South West Silents Co-founder James Harrison writes.

 The quiet power of women in Márta Mészáros’ Adoption 

Posted on Mon 10 June 2019 by Julia Ray
Celebrated as the first Berlinale Golden Bear awarded to a female director, Márta Mészáros’ Adoption is a powerful meditation on agency and womanhood in a world that waits to give permission, Julia Ray writes.

 From 'soylent steak' to Soylent Green 

Soylent Green
Posted on Fri 7 June 2019 by Dr Peter Walsh
Soylent Green reveals social and environmental issues that continue to resonate today, perhaps even more troubling than ever before. Film historian Dr Peter Walsh looks at how the film challenges us to ask how far we have come and what we can do to stop the grim dystopia from becoming our reality.

 Welcome to Society 

Posted on Fri 7 June 2019 by Jonathan Bygraves
Thirty years on, 20th Century Flicks' Jonathan Bygraves takes a look back at Brian Yuzna's directorial debut, Society, and the films and the era that influenced it.

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