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Money No Object

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In a digital world, where physical contact is no longer required, how can we bring human connection back into monetary transactions. As part of Money No Object, Heidi Hinder devised tangible manifestations of digital payment.

Jan - Mar 2013

Duration: 6mins 12secs

A jeweller by trade, Heidi Hinder often incorporates unexpected or hidden elements that elevate her creations from mere objects. Heidi first had the chance to incorporate new technologies into her practice during a short residency at the Royal Mint, and this residency was also related to her fascination with coinage.

Heidi was chosen as one of three makers working on this round of craft and technology residencies. She was based at Watershed's Pervasive Media Studio and worked closely with Dan Williams (Watershed's resident Creative Technologist) to explore tangible manifestations of digital payment. She's taken contactless payment via RFID chip as a starting point and reintroduced a physical human connection, by asking the cashier and customer to hug, shake hands, high five, or - in the case of 'tap and pay' - tap dance.

This short film documents Heidi's creative development over the course of the project, and how her residency in the studio has informed her work.

Follow Heidi's creative process by reading her residency blog posts.

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