Project Ended in January 2004

Complete artist Dane’s online test and find your perfect partner. LoveMatch was the result of the fifth Clark Digital Bursary.


Project Ended in October 2003

A digital jukebox tested in Watershed that invited customers to vote for their choice of music to be played.

Breath Hold

Project Ended in April 2003

Susannah Silver, recipient of the 4th Clark Bursary, presents excerpts from her dreamy two screen video installation exploring time.


Project Ended in March 2003

A networked sound game trialled at Watershed to promote social interaction and test acceptability of new technologies in social spaces.


Project Ended in October 2002

Ghosts is a digital sculpture that preserves forever the transitory fragments of digital conversations.

A Personal History of Corruption

Project Ended in September 2002

This playful online artwork by Joe Magee toys with the idea of interaction and corruption.

Rio Kids

Project Ended in August 2002

A web project from 2002 in which young people offer personal, creative responses to the sustainable development of our planet.


Project Ended in April 2002

Duncan Speakman, recipient of the 4th Clark Bursary, presents his ideas exploring human communication through digital systems.

Sweet Home

Project Ended in March 2002

A short film and installation by artist Ana Bilankov as a result of a residency project at Watershed in 2002.

12 Days of Christmas

Project Ended in December 2000

In 2000, children from Bristol schools created twelve pieces of web art based on the Twelve Days of Christmas song.


Project Ended in August 2000

Artist Simon Poulter created Afterworld, a series of six works investigating online and offline culture, for the Clark/DA2 Bursary.