Exterior shot of Watershed front door with murals of people across the glass front.

Watershed and The Art of The Turnaround 

Posted on Thu 18 April by Clare Reddington

In light of the huge challenges that so many arts and culture organisations have faced in recent years, Clare Reddington , Watershed's CEO, shares five ‘rules’ for turning your organisation round.

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An animation of two people hugging.
Posted on Wed 10 April

Executive Producer Jo Lansdowne discusses Watershed's celebration of Japan's creativity and culture throughout 2024, focussing on *Omosiroi: A Japanese concept translating roughly as a combination of amusing, fascinating, fun...

A computer screen covered with moss and slime.
Posted on Tue 9 April

Watershed and MyWorld unveil six teams awarded £45K to build prototypes exploring the creative potential of Artificial Intelligence

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  Watershed Cinema Podcast April 2024

Posted on Thu 4 April

New York! New York! Cinema Steph and Stef from Comms chat to Ella McDonald from Film Hub South West about the Short Film Fund and Andrew Kelly from Bristol Ideas about new season NYC On Film.

Stephen Gatfield appointed as Chair of Watershed

Posted on Thu 28 March

Thank you to James Touzel who is stepping down after 11 years as Chair and hello to Stephen Gatfield who has been appointed as our new Chair.

  Watershed Cinema Podcast March 2024

Posted on Thu 14 March

Kenough is kenough! Cinema Steph and Stef from Comms chat the Oscars®, in-cinema seances and falling off one's chair.

 Watershed Wild and Generous 

Posted on Tue 12 March by Clare Reddington

What will the world want from a cultural venue in a climate crisis?  

Meet our MyWorld Fellow

Posted on Thu 29 Feb

Introducing creative practitioner and educator Frazer Meakin who is undertaking a MyWorld Fellowship to explore the relationship between young people, technology and their careers.

Watershed Sunday Season traces the final films seen by cultural icons before they died.

Posted on Thu 29 Feb

On Sundays throughout March, Watershed will be remapping the first century of cinema according to the final films watched by a selection of its cultural icons from JFK to Kurt Cobain and Charlie Chaplin. The season offers the opportunity to ‘see what those who see no more last saw’.

We've got a new Box Office ticketing system

Posted on Fri 2 Feb

We've now switched over to our new ticketing system, thank you for your patience!

  Report of Watershed's Board of Trustees

Fri 1 Dec 2023

Report of Watershed's Board of Trustees - Year ended 31 March 2023.

  Watershed Cinema Podcast February 2024

Posted on Thu 1 Feb

That's the power of cinema! In this episode Cinema Steph and Stef from Comms discuss The Iron Claw, Pirates 4D and the gays upon the heath.

Watershed in £6 million UK-wide programme supporting artists to make and share extraordinary immersive work

Posted on Wed 31 Jan

Over 200 artists from across the UK will be commissioned to explore the possibilities of immersive technology through this new research & development programme, focusing on skills and the creative potential of the art form.

Introducing our Winter Residency Artists 2024

Posted on Tue 23 Jan

Following an open call for our Winter Residencies programme we’re excited to introduce our two recipient artists. Responding to the theme of Other Minds their work will harness...