May 2012

Watershed explores openness in Guimarães 2012

Tue 29 May, 2012

We are thrilled to be curating a series of artistic commissions exploring the concept of ‘openness’ in relation to city development for Guimarães 2012, this year’s European Capital of Culture.

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Watershed celebrates 30 years of media, music and magic on Thu 7 June

Tue 22 May, 2012

The world was a very different place 30 years ago. No mobile phones, no internet, no iPhone apps, Facebook or touchscreen technology, not even digital cameras or video game consoles. Yet with an uncanny sense of foresight, Watershed media centre was established in 1982, the same year that Channel 4 and the Barbican Arts Centre were born, the year that saw the launch of the Commodore 64 and Sony’s first CD player, and the only year in history that Time Magazine’s Person of The Year was a computer.

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Live from the Croisette

Thu 17 May, 2012

This week the 65th Cannes Film Festival kicked off, and amongst the red carpet, A-listers and yachts our Head of Programme Mark Cosgrove will be in the thick it, searching for films, partnerships and creative ideas to bring back to Bristol, and to Watershed.

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Made in Bristol

Wed 2 May, 2012

We will be celebrating our 30th birthday on 7th June by showcasing some of the extraordinary creativity that comes out of Bristol, screening 30 hours of creative work Made in Bristol – films, television, pop promos, wildlife docs, Morph and more. It will all be free, and a great opportunity to raise a glass not only to us, but to the work of this great city.

And to show how much great television continues to be Made In Bristol, the city has this year been nominated for a whopping 14 BAFTA Awards!

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