"Don't just do brilliant stuff, but help someone else do brilliant stuff"

Posted on Thu 13 Sep 2018
Head shot of Dick Penny

"Thank you everyone and don't just do brilliant stuff, but help someone else do brilliant stuff"

This was Dick Penny being typically Dick Penny (Watershed's CEO from Aug 1998 to Aug 2018)  last night when we celebrated 20 years of the wise and generous support that he has gifted to Watershed and so many others.

Take a moment to watch this film - with contributions from Watershed staff past and present, friends, partners and funders - that shows Dick Penny through the eyes of the people that have had the pleasure of working with and learning from him. It was created by Rife alumni Jon Aitken and Euella Isis, with help from staff and friends.

Take yourself back to Bristol's Harbourside in 1998....

Rude boys are pulling donuts in Canon's Marsh car park.

Pero's Bridge has not been built, Watershed is undergoing a few organisational 'challenges' and our city is known as 'the place where good ideas go to die'...

Enter Dick Penny, to lead Watershed - changing the fortune of the organisation and many others in the city which is clearly demonstrated in this beautiful film.

We promise we will continue to make a difference (and trouble) in the world and we say a massive THANK YOU to Dick  - this is not goodbye as Dick is going to be working on some of our new plans for the future, which we will be talking about very soon.

In the meantime you can find out more about the work we do and how you can help support us here...hope you enjoy the film!