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Music Memory Box in action

Music Memory Box - a new tech product which transforms the lives of people living with dementia campaigns to go into production

Posted on Thu 14 March 2019

Pervasive Media Studio resident Chloe Meineck launches a Kickstarter Campaign for Music Memory Box, a beautiful object that uses technology and music to help those with dementia reminisce, reawaken memories, and reconnect with their families.

Chloe Meineck, 28, inventor, entrepreneur and Pervasive Media Studio resident created Music Memory Box in response to visiting her Great Gran - who was living with dementia - and noticing the transformative effects that music on her.

Finding that there was a lack of specialised and personal dementia music products, Meineck decided to create her own – and Music Memory Box was born.

Meineck went on to develop the box working with hundreds of people living with dementia, families and carers across the UK, and in Kobe, Japan. The box uses simple sensor technology, tactile objects, photos and music to engage multiple senses and work together to recall treasured memories and is designed to be accessible and simple. When each object is placed in the centre of the box, the box plays an individual piece of music.

“All the dementia products Mum didn’t take any notice of, but this Music Memory Box it’s like magic – it has completely changed everything. She comes alive in an instant ”

Now the Music Memory box is being launched to the world through a Kickstarter campaign.

The Music Memory Box is a simple kit that you can fill up together with meaningful objects, music and photographs, all three elements combine to help unlock and recall memories in a simple and tactile way. It’s like a personal jukebox - and once it's set up you just place an object in the centre of the box and the song will play.

Rewards include:

  • a chance to buy one of the first products
  • a chance to pay it forward and gift a box to a stranger
  • a chance to add a dedication to someone who has experienced dementia
  • a chance to become a patron.

Globally there are 47.6 million people living with dementia in the world, and this figure is set to double every twenty years, as our population ages. With no cure available families and care homes are looking for scalable creative tools to help them cope with the complex care needs dementia presents families with. Now is the time for this product to launch to all the families and care homes that need it. The prototypes have already made a huge difference to families, carers and those living with dementia.

Through Music Memory Box one daughter heard their Dad sing for the first time and ife long partners have been reminded of their love for each other.

“Now I’ve seen the box - and I’m like WOW - even for me - I’m a very visual person and just seeing her - if that box can do that for my Nan even for a matter of seconds - for me I would tell everyone to get one."

You can find out more about the Music Memory Box and the Kickstarter campaign here.

Woman listening to her Music Memory Box